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Welcome to my blog.

Born in India,I showed interest in creativity since childhood. I was an active participant in creative competitions and also won few.As I grew up my interests expanded.Today my fingers are good with video editing/compositing and photoshopping. I aspire to work in some film studio in near future and share my skills with more creative artists around me.

Currently studying Programming and Visual Effects.I keep on making new stuff from time to time.Its my passion and make my day.

I am here to share some of my ideas,my interests,my moments,my feelings…that make me enjoy my life.I love to play with words & scribble in the form of poems.Getting to know more people is my hobby.I love to capture colors of life and hence have named my photography “Tasveerz”.Its my dream to have a friend from every country(and travel too..lol).I love to come across new people.I spend my time alone at times with  coffee in my hands to dive into my life.India is a land of festivals and that somehow keeps me busy in celebration round the year.

I am not a perfectionist but i try to be better slowly & steadily with love and support from my friends who have been my strength,my happiness that make me feel the happiest in the world.

I dedicate this blog to all my friends who have been  kind & truthful to me.

Cheers To Life! Cheers To  Friendship!Love You Loads!


  1. hey kaval
    gr8 work man . i really enjoyed exploring this site .
    u have done a fabulous job .

    i m really impressed .

    keep going
    my best wishes r always there for u
    lots of love

  2. hey nice site! cya on myspace

  3. hey kaval!
    i have to say you did a great job!
    i really enjoyed your page, its amazing!
    the text about me is also really nice =)
    keep it up like that!
    may a million visitors come to your page 😉

  4. Hey Keval…:)
    You hav done a gr8 job…this site is fabolous:)
    I really enjoyed it a lot:):):)Its really vry nice:)
    c ya on tagged:)

  5. pseudonymblog

    So, I’m trying to venture outside of my own blogging world, that’s how I stumbled into yours. Just wanted to let you know that I came by, and enjoyed your blog greatly!

  6. Yea on some levels i agree with you. but have you ever been in love ?
    if you havnt been in love. or in my shoes you dont know wat im going through
    i understand where you are coming from and its fine there your opinions
    but how can you just forget about some you love?
    ive tried moving on but when he clicks his fingers i go running back
    now answer me that..

  7. good job dude….!!!!

  8. nice job………..dude

  9. hey this is very nice yar

  10. mr kaval wel wel wel wah kan i say your the best from the rest hehe t.c an all the best in kumin years yaar
    aap baray great hoo

  11. heyy kaval,your blog is really a nice one and specially the flirt stuff…keep adding articles

    keep in touch!

  12. Hey best friend, it’s Lizzie, and I added you on my blogroll since I got a wordpress blog too^^

  13. love ur blog buddy!!! keep on rawkin!!! =)

  14. hey Kaval,

    i didnt know u have such a good hold on ur vocabulary…good man….n of course ur poems are really good…continue writing….suhani and i will help u get words for the poem…..good job


  15. HEY KAVAL!! nice blogskin! its look gr8!! lovin ur blog as always! keep it up darlin! lov u! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  16. heyy i like ur blog buddy..!!

  17. HY ………… KAVAL

    I am shita
    I am study in senior high school “SMANESA”
    i hope you reply my coment ………………

  18. i love ur blog Kaval!!!! i’ve been ur secret admirer from the time u gave me the link hehe 🙂 u’ve done an amazing job!! thanks again for ur sweet gesture of putting me on here!! kisses :-*

    • hehe….my silly secret admirer…lol…and i am glad you like my blog…tho i have to upload a lot & make it more better…your wishes always appreciate me to try new things…so thanks again..and yeah sure…you are an amazing girl & its a pleasure to know ya…cheers to our friendship!…i love the happy life you are living…lol..=]

  19. hey……………..i really like this site…………

    u have done fantastic job……………

  20. nice job
    keep it up…

  21. hey keval !!! its really a grt job!!! dude…
    n its totally rapchik….keep it up>>

  22. I love ur new layout swtheart!! Cheers to our evalastin frenship! xoxoxo

  23. I SO SO SO LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! i so love my page too. hahahahhaa. and i so so love u too. haha. Cheers to our evalasting frendship till old days. =)

    • i so so so so love you too dear…haha!…mwaaah….i m so happy to know you…hope you always stay happy & you better be my personal counselor forever…lol…=)

  24. AnKiTa ChAtUrVeDi

    gud job!……loved it bestie!!!…….thnx for uploading abt me n d poem!!!….muah

    • awww….thanks dear…your appreciation means a lot to me…coz it does help me to improve & make my blog better!…so yeah thanks a lot…mwaaah!..hehe

  25. Stephii Wephii

    merii jaaaaaaaaaaan =D
    me ke sweet sa paaaaaaaaaan =D
    merii shaaaaaaaaan =D
    gurdaas maaaaaaaaan =O =S

    yaar yOOh ka pg na…
    pg 3 se bhii accha haii ya ya =D
    fiilm “page 3”! =O dekha haii ya nahiin? =O

    yaar mere phOtO kO aiisa ediit kara yOOh ne..
    kii aiisa lagta haii me camera se electracute hOgayii =S WALLAH
    ya phiir achanak yeh piic “lOve stOry 2050” meiin pOch gayii aur me budhii hOgayii =S iinnii?

    yaar yOOh kii jO piic haii..
    MASHALLAH 😉 kya diimple haii!
    aiisa diimple haii..
    aiisa diimple haii..
    jaiise diimple kapadiia haii jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii =O
    yaar iis diimple ke liiye ek dua haii diil se..
    kii ALLAH na kare kii yeh diimple yOOh ke chehre se kabhii jaaye..
    jiis tarah suddently diimple kapadiia rajesh khanna ke paas chalii gayii =S ya ya

    iits a rOckiing pg!
    diil karta haii apna ek khudh ka khOl lOOn 😉
    lekiin phiir hlf way thru me diistract hO jaOngii wOh tOh pakka pata haii =S
    ya tOh chOcOl8 se ya phiir cake se =Dheeeeeeeeeee
    aur merii kOii acchii tasveer laga yaar =( iitnii mOtii dikhtii hOOn..
    me kO sab dOuble rOtii bulaate hOnge ya ya =O

    chalO apna bahut khayal rakhna..
    kal se merii diietiing shuru pakka!
    begiinniing wiif mudcake all d way dOwn 2 lOlliies! =O =Dheeeee

    fiilhaal tOh me pepsii driink kariing 😉

    keep iit gOiin!
    hav lOtsa fun!
    b gOod….mhmmmm 😉
    aur keep wriitiing =]
    waiise essay ke liiye sOrry *giiggle maariing* =O =Dheeeeeeeeee *griins*
    GOD bless

    • OMG!…hehe….this is the longest comment i’ve ever got….seems like hamare long mails likhne ki aadat ka result he…haha!…thanks a lot dear…i appreciate our friendship….haha..cant stop laughin to wat you wrote!…hehe..bus bus itni taarif na karo my smiling muscles are paining…:-)…ya u always stay slim & trim…and give heavy food to me coz i wanna be popular,muscular…and also dance…no m not pappu..haha…=]
      love ya loads!


  27. Hello,

    You have such a fun site.
    You defintiely have a bright spirit. 🙂
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Have a great day!

    P.S. Thanks for the zodiac post. Being a Leo I apprecitae the ‘ sexy ‘ description. 🙂

    • Hey Arielle!

      thanks a lot for commenting on my blog…and you too have started blogging so i guess you will go a long way like me & put more interesting things & get more visits too…hehe!

      aha….well you are sexy..haha!=]

      hope you have a great dat ahead!

  28. heya, i juzz loved to visit ya blog…. it has been wonderful…. n ya may ya n anky be together foreva n eva ……..gudluck………!!!!!!!!!!!!be happy n keep smiling!!!!!!!!

    • heya!
      Thanks a lot for stopping on my blog…it was a pleasure to hear your reply..thanks a lof for ur wishes….enjoy urself like always=]

  29. O teriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii =O kOii aur piic naii miillii tere kO?

    phiir se mOtii diikhtii hOon maiin =( aaaaaaaaaaa
    band bajaadii tune ya ya =O

    waiise yeh diimple abhii bhii yOoh ke face par chiipka haii =D vry gOod!
    ALLAH kare ek aur diimple hO..
    diimple hii diimple hO..
    aur piimple kabhii na hO =O ya ya

  30. i love your blog best friend x)

  31. Awesome WOrk Bro !!
    Keep it up !!!!!!

  32. thanks for stopping by!!!
    i am loving your photos and your blog :~D

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